No Documentation Fees

Auto Clearing has made a conscious effort to improve the car buying experience in a few different ways. 

1) Transparency. The monthly or bi-weekly payment does not give you the full story on a vehicle and makes it impossible to truly evaluate one vehicle to another. That's why we advertise the term (period of time you will be paying the monthly or bi-weekly fee) as well as the actual COB (cost of borrowing). These amounts will help you evaluate the actual cost of purchasing your next vehicle.

2) No documentation fees. But to understand why this makes Auto Clearing different, it's important to understand what they are. So, what are documentation fees? In short, they are overhead charges to cover the "cost of doing business". They cover the administration costs, accountants, and everything else that goes into running a dealership. Covering admin costs is essential to running any business. In every industry there is a cost to doing business, the only difference is the process of how this money is collected. Often, car buyers aren't made aware of "doc" or "admin" fees until the negotiating has concluded and the paperwork is being signed. This puts shoppers in an uncomfortable position as they feel deceived. Often the fee was never advertised or included in the final "cost" by the dealership and the buyer never budgeted for or considered the fee when making the decision to buy. 

At Auto Clearing, The price you see is the price you pay. Simple as that.

3) Car buyers guide. Some people are better at car shopping than others. What to look for, things to consider, homework to be done before you walk into a dealership. Some people have these things dialled in. But most don't. This is why Auto Clearing has put together a vehicle buyers guide using resources from the provincial government's consumer affairs authority. using this unbiased guide you can ensure you are not missing information or buying something you simply don't need.